Glogg – Scandinavian hot christmas drink

glogg-concentrates It is called “Glogg”, it is served during winter, as a hot drink to warm up the body. Scandinavian in origin, Glogg is a favorite Canadian drink during the Christmas Season. Ikea sells Glogg concentrates in 250 ml bottles which makes it easy to prepare glogg drinks.

Here is the recipe:
One 250 ml bottle of glogg concentrate
1 to 2 sticks of cinnamon
6 to 8 whole cloves
6 to 8 whole cardamon seeds
1 to 2 tbsp orange peel
1 tbsp raisins
1.  Mix Glogg concentrate with orange peel, raisins and spices.
2.  Warm over low heat
3. Serve in mugs or beer glasses

glogg-christmas-hot-drinkIf you do not have glogg concentrate, you can use grape juice.
For an alcoholic drink, use red wine.

Adding spices to wine is a custom found in many cultures. Particularly in the old days when the wine could be of poor quality and even rancid because of bad storage conditions or time-consuming transports. In Sweden, where winters are cold, it has been and still is popular to heat the wine. Today, glögg (mulled wine) is intimately connected to Christmas and almost all glögg, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is sold and consumed during November.
and December.

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