Natural Cough Remedy – Ginger Honey Lemon

ginger-honey-lemonThere seems to be a bad bout of coughs and colds going around not just in Vancouver but other places as well. Mine started with a sore throat which persisted for days, then graduating to coughs. I tried Nitetime capsules, which is similar to Nyquill, but it dried me so much that I started having nosebleeds.

My friend kindly sent me her Grandma’s Natural Cough remedy made with ginger, lemon and honey which I am glad to share.

ginger-honey-lemon Ingredients:

1 table spoon chopped ginger
1 table spoon bee honey
1 table spoon fresh lemon juice


Add all the 3 ingredients together and mix well in a glass or a cup. Then, drink it all one tea spoon at a time [do not drink at once]. Repeat this about 3 times in every 6 to 8 hours. Every time, make the mixture fresh.

Honey soothes the tickle throat and also has antibacterial properties.
Other natural remedies include the following:
1. Drink lots of hot tea, which will help loosen the mucus.
2. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of liquid. If your room is dry, use a humidifier. This will loosen the mucus.
3. Cough drops moisten the throat and helps get rid of throat tickles.
4. Get plenty of rest.

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