How to Make Simple Delicious Pancakes

How to Make Simple Delicious Pancakes

One of the things that Canada is known for throughout the world, is its maple syrup. What is the best thing to pour this deliciously sweet substance over? In my opinion, a very strong case can be made for simple pancakes. Although they are very easy to make, I am surprised at the number of people don’t actually know how to make a pancake mix from scratch.

To make the pancakes, you will need eggs, milk, flour and butter. These are basic kitchen staples, so it should be easy to quickly rustle up some pancakes if you want some or if your family wants something sweet for breakfast. First heat a wide, flat pan on a medium heat, ideally this will be of the non-stick variety. Add a small amount of butter and wait for it to heat up.

In the meantime, crack two eggs into a bowl. Pour in some milk, enough so that it covers the whites and comes half-way up the yolks. Beat this mixture with a fork or whisk until mixed, then add the flour. You will want to add enough flour so that once mixed, the mixture becomes just thick enough so that when you pour it, it moves smoothly but slower than milk. This is really a personal preference, as it depends how thick your like your pancakes. So my tip is to add the flour in gradually, beating as you go until it looks like the right consistency. Beat until there are no lumps, then you are ready to cook them.

Once the butter is sizzling, pour in some of the mixture and move the pan so that it settles in a circle. Again, it is up to you how you like your pancakes, some people like to cover the bottom of the pan so they are large, and others only pour enough in to make a small pancake. Cook it on a medium heat for a few minutes, before flipping it over using a flat utensil. Wait for a few minutes, until all the mixture is cooked, and move the pancake to a plate. Repeat this process, adding butter before each pancake. Pile them on plates, add maple syrup, and enjoy.

Note:  Canadian Maple Syrup is always a great souvenir present for tourists to bring home.

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  • Wow! This is indeed an old-fashioned recipe where measurements are made by gauging the consistency and texture of the mix. I like the way it is explained….. like put enough milk till it covers the whites and half way up the egg yolks.

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