5 Exciting Beef Stew Recipes

5 Exciting Beef Stew Recipes

Diversity in Canada means that we have many more exciting ways to cook our beef stew.   Immigrants from different countries have different ways of tackling the beef simply by varying the ingredients and spices.  Here are 5 beef stew recipes from different countries.

1.  Kenyan Matoke Beef Stew – I learned about this dish from our French intern who told us her favorite dish made with plantain.  Plantain is used instead of potatoes and is simmered until soft but not mushy.  It is a starchy food and thickens the sauce. Kenyan matoke beef stew

  1. Indonesian Beef  Curry Stew – The variation is in the spices used.  Cooked with sweet soy sauce, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and garlic, this stew is best served with rice.

indonesian beef stew

3.  French Burgundy Beef Stew  is a hearty stew made with red wine, onion, celery, parsley, mushroom,  basil, garlic, and bay leaves.  Carrots, potatoes, peas and mushrooms are common vegetables added to the stew.

beef stew

4.  Spicy Chinese Szechuan Beef Stew cooked with soy sauce, red chili and garlic and vegetables such as turnips, carrots, water chestnuts and Chinese mushrooms.

szechuan spicy beef stew

 5.  Filipino Mechado Beef Stew is cooked with soy sauce, tomato sauce, bell peppers, bay leaves potatoes, peas and carrots.  Optional ingredients are okra, sweet potatoes or string beans depending on availability of ingredients.

Filipino Beef Mechado1

These are just some of the variations. There are many more, such as the Hungarian Beef Goulash, Ethiopian Beef Stew made with Berbere spice mixture and served with flatbread.

Canada as a place of immigrants provide us with a rich food culture.  The choice of many good ethnic restaurants in Canadian big cities is something that we all are proud of and enjoy so much.

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