How to Make Honey Lemon Green Tea

How to Make Honey Lemon Green Tea

My friend introduced me to this Honey Lemon Green Tea and I simply love it.  It is very simple to make.

1.  Add boiling water and green teabag to a pot.
2. Add lemon slices to the pot.
3. Add honey (1 tablespoon per cup)

You can use a French press or just a regular teapot.  The clear glass pot makes it very pretty to look at.  The honey lemon green tea can served hot or cold.  I myself prefer the hot drink.

The honey lemon green tea combines the health benefits derived from green tea which is an antioxidant and from honey and lemon.

A 2008 study performed by Henning found that a five times larger absorption of green tea catechins (strong antioxidants) is possible when combined with lemon juice or other juices high in phenolic acids (pH) such as grapefruit, orange or lime.   Another study (Green, 2007) even adds that with lemon a staggering 80% of tea’s catechins remain (this percentage is lower with the other juices)!

There you go, you can have honey lemon green tea as a soothing hot drink in the winter time and an iced drink refreshment in the summer.

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