Sauteed Parsley

Sauteed Parsley

First time I tried the Sauteed Parsley dish was at my friend Kanthi Randeni’s place.    She served a green leafy vegetable as a side dish, and asked me “Guess what this vegie is?”.  It has a crunchy feel, nice texture, very tasty with a personality of its own.   But I couldn’t tell what it was.  I tried guessing, but could not ever imagine that this was a whole dish of parsley.  I have been cooking with parsley, but never used parsley as the main ingredient in a dish.  Parsley is normally used as a garnish in salad, or soups.  If this was a play or a movie, parsley is always the supporting actor, or the side kick.  But this Sauteed Parsley dish featured parsley as the main actor, and it was a delightful surprise.  So wonderful, that I wanted to share this recipe.

Kanthi Randeni. my friend has many wonderful recipes that she showcased in her book  Fusion Cuisine, Simple Easy to Make Recipes.   She is a Canadian immigrant author who came from Sri Lanka and many of her recipes are her own creation.  The book is made up of  entirely vegetarian recipes.  All recipes are simple and straightforward, ideal for the working person who does not have a lot of time to spend cooking.

Kanthi has a way of featuring a vegetable at its best, the way she gives Parsley in this dish the star attention, and I must say, it worked.  Of course, there are always some picky eaters who don’t like parsley in a salad, and pick them out.  But they might change their mind once they try this Sauteed Parsley Vegetable dish.

Is curry leaves the same as curry powder?
This recipe uses curry leaves. Be not mistaken, curry leaves are not the same as curry powder. Curry leaves come from the curry tree, which comes from South India. Curry leaves have a kind of a citrus and nutty texture, and are commonly used in South Indian dishes. Curry powder, on the other hand, is a mixture of spices like coriander, cumin, chilis, and turmeric.

Where to find or buy curry leaves?
If you can not find fresh curry leaves in your local grocery store, consider using dried curry leaves. You can buy this online.

What is a good substitute for curry leaves?
As a curry leaf substitute, use a combination of lemon zest and basil leaves. Zest from one lemon is the equivalent of about 8 curry leaves.

Once you discover the versatility of parsley, you can expand your parsley repertoire by cooking with parsley recipes, such as sauteed carrot parsley, sauteed mushroom parsley, parsley lemon rice.

Another variation for this recipe is Sauteed Garlic and Ginger Parsley. In this recipe, you cook the parsley in its entirety. Stem and all. Add garlic and ginger and drizzle with lemon juice after cooking. See below image on how to serve sauteed parsley as a side dish.

Sauteed whole parsley
Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay

Parsley is one of the easiest home container gardening herb to grow. You can either grow parsley from seed or from cuttings. This is one of my spring project, and I will soon be blogging about my home grown parsley.

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South Indian sauteed parsley recipe
South Indian Sauteed Parsley Recipe

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